Friday, October 22, 2010

Live Webinars for November 2010: Part 1

My day job has me out of town next week, so I am going to post the November webinars I have in hand now, and the first of November I'll post any more that I come across. Here goes!

November 2, 2:00pm EDT.

More than ever, a strong graphic novel collection is essential in both school and public libraries. Whether used as curriculum support, literacy tools, or avenues of entertainment, comics hold undeniable appeal for both reluctant and avid child and teen readers. Booklist associate editor Ian Chipman and comics expert Kat Kan, collection development librarian for Brodart Books and librarian at St. John Catholic School in Panama City (Fla.), will be joined by representatives from Lerner Publishing Group/Graphic Universe, ABDO Publishing Group, and SLG Publishing in this hour-long webinar that looks at new titles and explores the role of graphic novels in the library and beyond.

Serving Young Adults: It's Not Just Video Games (WebJunction)

November 4, 2:00pm EST.

Need to develop or improve your library services to youth? This webinar will provide you with a basic primer on how to attract and keep young adults interested in your library services and programs and how to create an atmosphere of inclusion comfortable for you, your staff and your local young adults. Join Jill Jarrell, librarian, author and web content consultant, and Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer at Harford County Public Library, to learn about materials and tactics that can help bring the reluctant reader back into the library and how to create a safe and welcoming space for your young adults.

November 9, 2:00pm EST.

(Editor's Note: Looks interesting for those who check out laptops, or are thinking about doing so.)

The transformation of classrooms through technology brings with it a new category of administrative challenges. Rising insurance costs and frequent laptop theft are often the reality for school districts managing 1:1 computer programs on limited budgets.

In our discussion with Alice Owen, Executive Director of Technology for Irving Independent School District, learn how she effectively secures and tracks her district's 12,000 computers while also being able to:
  • Enforce computer use and software policy
  • Implement protective measures to safeguard sensitive data
  • Save time and money spent on costly insurance and paperwork
  • Recover computers that have drifted outside district boundaries
  • Deter theft and reduce computer loss

How to Conduct A Workplace Computer Accessibility Assessment (ADA)

November 9, 2:00pm EST.

Choosing the appropriate accommodations for an employee with a disability can be a daunting task. The Internet is flooded with products to accommodate limitations when using a computer. But where to begin? How do you know you are getting the right product or setup for your employee? This presentation will provide an overview of the process, ergonomics and assistive technology products that can help you make the right choices in providing accommodations for computer tasks. Case studies will be used to illustrate the methodology.

Collaboration through Understanding (School Library Journal)

November 10, 12:30pm EST.

Collaboration between educators, students and parents is essential not only because it may hold the key to each student's success in an increasingly competitive world, but also because it creates a common understanding that fosters innovation and student achievement.
Join moderator Dr. Elaine Roberts, Director, Professional Learning at Follett Software Company and a panel of education experts to learn more about:
  • Why collaboration among educators, students and parents is important and how it can positively impact student achievement.
  • How to create a more collaborative environment within your school.
  • How technology can positively influence collaboration.
  • The positive influence of social media on collaboration.

Libraries Build Community (WebJunction)

November 16, 2:00pm EST.

Some view the public library as a central purchasing and distribution center of books, movies, and music. Today, that content is increasingly digitized and consumed on gadgets carried in our homes, backpacks, purses and pockets. Distribution remains germane and yet, libraries are well positioned to extend beyond the limits of this role, to facilitate what John Seeley Brown and Paul Duguid called the social life of information. Social media technology presents libraries with new opportunities to enhance and extend the distribution model, to empower and engage patrons to build relevant and vibrant communities via the library. Moderator Chrystie Hill and presenters Helene Blowers and Nancy Dowd will engage you in a discussion of how public libraries build community with technologies and programs, new and old. 


ALA Webinars (All $)

ALA/LLAMA Series for New Library Directors or Deans (All $)
  • You are New, but Your Staff is Not
  • Your Library Users: Get Started on the Right Foot
  • Build Your Executive Team
  • Partnerships with Community and Institutional Leaders
State Library and Archives of Florida

State Library of Texas
  • Baby Boomers: Serving the Next Generation of Seniors
  • Big eRef on a Small Budget: Parts 1 and 2
  • Creating Community through Teen Book Discussion Groups
  • Your Library as a Place for Seniors
Online Conferences

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mobile Services for Libraries: Archive

Great webinar by the Librarian in Black, Sarah Houghton-Jan, on mobile everything. Check out the archive. Webinar description below.

Mobile services have taken off in the United States over the last several years and libraries have struggled to keep pace. This webinar will cover the core mobile services available for libraries to take advantage of, many of them free to use.

You’ll learn about the various devices and platform, tips about how to ensure that your paid services are providing mobile-friendly versions, how to make your own core library services mobile-compatible, and how to market your library’s mobile services.

Come away with a checklist of free and quick things to do at your library today, as well as long-term goals for serious mobile library services strategy. Whether you’re new to mobile or an expert user, this webinar will help you identify places where your library can quickly improve its accessibility to your users, no matter where they are.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Teens and Tech: Virtual Hangouts

Teens and Tech: Virtual Hangouts (State Library of Florida)

Thursday, November 4, 9:30am EDT.

Join Paul Stonebridge, Teen Services Manager at the Land O' Lakes Branch Library of the Pasco County Library System, as he shares some of the hottest sites on the ‘Net for teens and tweens. He’ll cover websites ranging from general entertainment and pop culture to enlightening and creative sites that engage the young adult mind. He’ll offer advice on the safety and pitfalls of certain sites as well as the latest trends in what's hot and what's not in the world of 9-17 year-olds.

This program is a must for youth services staff and school media specialists who work with teen patrons.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

E-Rate Update

E-Rate Update (State Library of Florida)

Thursday, October 28, 9:30am EDT.

Universal Services Administrative Company (USAC) conducts a series of training sessions each year for applicants and service providers who participate in the Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) Program. Come join Melinda Crowley, Maureen Givens, Mark Flynn and Dan Lhotka for a discussion about this year’s session, the changes in the program for 2010-11 and the relevance to Florida and Florida library E-Rate applications.

Bring your E-Rate questions, problems and difficulties and this expert panel will offer their suggestions for the 2010 filing year. This is your opportunity to be prepared for the 471 opening.

This program will be of interest to anyone involved in the E-Rate program and those considering applying for the first time.

Keep Your Computers Safe

Keep Your Computers Safe (WebJunction)

Thursday, October 28, 3:00pm EDT.

When you have computers connected to the Internet or to any external device, you need to take precautions. There are threats present that can not only cause harm to your computers, but could damage files on your network or potentially put sensitive data at risk. This free webinar will help you understand what the threats are and how your computers can get infected.

Kami Griffiths from TechSoup will interview Marian Merritt, an Internet Safety Advocate from Symantec Corporation who will explain what employees should know and what activities can be problematic. This webinar is ideal for anyone who seeks a basic understanding of security threats or needs a refresher course.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Story of an Open Source Library

The Story of an Open Source Library (WebJunction)

Thursday, October 21, 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar will cover specific open source tools (some of which you may not have heard of before!) that work well for libraries and the benefits and challenges associated with their use. Meadville Public Library uses open source software on 90% of their public access computers.

Cindy Murdock Ames, IT Services Director and Kyle Hall, the library's on-staff developer, will share recommendations for libraries considering open source software and how to get started successfully. Cindy has been using open source software for over 10 years, which has allowed the library to save licensing costs and have more control over its computing environment. The library uses open source tools for their websites, e-mail, Internet firewall, wireless router, proxying, filtering, and productivity software. They use thin clients for Internet access and Koha for the circulation and public catalogs.

Friday, October 8, 2010

WebJunction Archived Webinars

As usual, archived webinars by WebJunction include the webinar recording, chat log, transcript, links galore, etc.  Great content, great archive.

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Live October Webinars

WorldCat Resource Sharing Best Practices: Custom Holdings (OCLC) 

October 6, 2:00pm EDT.

Join us for a live session in which Mary Radnor, Resource Sharing Librarian at Florida International University will share her tips for successful use of the custom holdings feature of WorldCat Resource Sharing.

Conversations on Curricular Resource Strategy on the Road Ahead  (Blended Librarian) 

October 7, 3:00pm EDT. 

In this webcast we'll dive into conversations about the quickly-changing curricular resource landscape. Content abounds, created by innovative publishing houses, hard-driving open-content advocates, and truly transformative interactive digital resource creators; but there is more complexity and confusion in this learning resource rich world than ever before. What is the leadership role of librarians in helping strategically leverage these resources to drive high-quality, high-impact learning? How do we make these intriguing ideas work logistically, technologically, and practically?
Cloud Computing: Why You Should Care (TechSoup)

October 14, 2:00pm EDT.

The term cloud computing is being used more and more, but what is it and why should you understand it? In this free webinar we will explain what cloud computing means, define the different types, discuss how it is impacting nonprofits and libraries, and outline some criteria for use. The challenges of using the “cloud” will be discussed, as well as whether cloud computing will simplify your life and reduce software and IT staffing costs.

Friday, October 1, 2010

One Year Old

It is hard to believe the Library Webinars blog just turned one.  A "side project" that has taken on a life of its own.  

I'm pleased that the site has been helpful, not just to Florida library staff, but the blog is currently read by over 1,000 unique visitors each month from all over the globe.  

Thanks all!  You keep reading, I'll keep writing!