Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Live Webinars for December 2011

December webinars.  Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Go learn stuff!

Dec 1.  The Higher Education CIO (Educause)

Dec 2.  10 Things You Should Know about HTML5 (O'Reilly)

Dec 5.  Library World Smackdown: Open Mic Night (T-L Cafe)

Dec 6.  Juggling 101: Managing Multiple Priorities (InSync Training)

Dec 7.  Facebook Features Update (Common Knowledge)

Dec 7.  The High Cost of Poor Leadership (Webex)

Dec 8.  Delivering Effective Webinars (TechSoup)

Dec 12.  VIAF Show and Tell Webinar (OCLC)

Dec 12.  Ebook Special Interest Group: Open Conference Call  (Niso)

Dec 13.  Setting Up and Configuring a New PC (O'Reilly)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
8 events in December.  Click the link if interested.

Dec 6.  Lerner Publishing Preview
Dec 13.  New Titles for the Newest Readers

Dec 6.  Planning for Retirement
Dec 7.  Building Digital Communities through Blogs and Social Networks
Dec 8.  Digital Preservation Fundamentals
Dec 13.  What Will Happen When I'm Gone: Ensuring Knowledge Transfer
Dec 15.  Library Programs On and Over the Edge

Dec 14. Job Hunting in the 21st Century
Dec 21. Best Youth Books of 2011
Dec 28.  Tech Talk Interview w/the Librarian in Black

Dec 6. Windows 7: Basic Computer Training at Your Library
Dec 14.  Winning Big Support for Your Rural Library

Friday, November 18, 2011

Take a free LE@D course in November

As our way of saying thank you, during the month of November we would like to give our friends in the library world the gift of a free LE@D class courtesy of a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

Follow the Green Star

As you look through our course catalog you will notice a green star in the lower right hand corner of the course illustrations. This star indicates that this course is eligible as a free gift!

To claim your free course:

Login to your LE@D account. If you don't already have a LE@D account, create an account Go to the course catalog and select the course you want. Look for the green star to find courses that are eligible for this promotion Add the course to your shopping bag Apply the promotional code to pay for the class:
If the class is a $25 course, use the coupon code: IMLS-25 If the class is a $45 course, use the coupon code: IMLS-45

Continue through the checkout procedure

Restrictions: Like eating a piece of pumpkin pie at grandma's house, please limit yourself to one until everyone has had a chance to get some. If you register for more than one class with the coupon code, we will only process one of your selections.

Additional Discounts: As an added bonus, you may buy as many additional courses from our Library or School Library course catalog as you wish at a $10 discount (no Green Star required). To get the discount, apply the coupon code IMLS-10 to the courses in your shopping bag. This coupon is valid through the end of November with no restrictions.

This promotion is good through the end of November, or until the grant funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Kevin Haney
Lifelong Education @ Desktop (LE@D)
940 565-2502

Monday, November 7, 2011

Two more November Webinars

Lowering IT Costs: How to Reduce the Need for PC Remediation

Does your IT department spend significant time, resources, and money to remediate damaged desktop systems each year? The sad truth is far too many of your colleagues are buried by the issue. Industry analysts estimate that the main culprit for causing such trouble - malware - infects between 4-8% of PCs at any given point in time and costs up to $200 per incident. But what if you could stop next-generation threats and thus eliminate the need for malware-caused PC remediation altogether? Learn how in our November webinar - Lowering IT Costs: How to Reduce the Need for PC Remediation.

Join M86 Product Marketing Manager Anne Stobaugh and Sr Product Manager, Chris Marlowe as they detail the correlation between desktop remediation and malware, and what you can do to fix the problem. Topics include:

-The Root Cause: How Next-Generation Attacks Are Successful
-Desktop Cleanup Scenarios
-Web Security: Why "Good Enough" Isn't an Option
-How to Prevent Malware and Reduce Desktop Remediation

Managing Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) have existed for more than a decade, yet many institutions are still just beginning to work with this format. Even those with an established program can struggle with policies and workflows. Communication is a key component to a successful ETD program, and the library, graduate office, and academic departments must work together to establish procedures for managing ETDs. Whether using a system based on ProQuest, DSpace, Fedora or any of a number of other vendor or homegrown solutions, it can be difficult to tackle issues for a workflow that truly does represent the intersection of scholarship, university policies and library collecting.

Topics to be covered include:
  • ETD systems selection and use
  • Policy setting and enforcement
  • Student training and copyright education and guidance
  • Metadata and cataloging decision-making and workflows
  • Embargoes and open access policies
  • Possible efficiencies and cost savings (or inefficiencies and expenditures)
  • Digitization of legacy print theses and dissertations