Thursday, December 13, 2012

Data Privacy: Are You Smarter than your Phone?

January 9, 2013, 1:00pm EST.

Sponsored by:  Educause

Nearly everyone on a college campus today has a mobile phone, capable of accomplishing amazing tasks while on the go. But, how SHOULD you make use of your smartphone? You are smarter than your phone if you know that you need to make careful choices about using your geo-location feature. You might post a picture to Facebook while on your European trip if there are other people still living at your address back home. But, if your house is empty while you travel, you would be smarter to wait to post until you get home. Do you really want everyone to know you are out alone at midnight by "checking in" at your local donut shop? 

You are smarter than your phone if you use sound judgment about revealing your location. You’re smarter than your phone if you know you need to think critically about the sensitivity of the data you put on or access through your phone. Do you use your phone for banking, without password protecting the device? Your phone is happy to do it. But you are smarter than your phone if you protect it with a password. If you’re not thinking critically about what you do with your phone, we’ll help you think again! 


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

E-Book Action: Inform and Inspire Your Community

Tuesday, December 18, 1:00pm EST.

Sponsored by the Public Library Association.

How do you respond when patrons ask why there aren't more e-books at the library? It's not an easy question. Turn your (and your patron's) frustration into action.  

Learn about two creative e-book campaigns initiated by libraries, as well as a comprehensive communications template kit to help you develop your own! You'll find new strategies for reaching out to your community members not only to explain why libraries have limited e-book collections but also to enlist their help in improving e-book access. 


Monday, November 26, 2012

Live Webinars for December & January

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Go learn stuff!

Holiday Special...How to Make Holiday Photo Gifts on December 4. (O'Reilly)

Dec 4.  Tech-Savvy Staff: Better Service for Library Users (TechSoup)

Dec 10.  Online Learning with Students, Staff and Faculty with Disabilities:  Knowing the Legal Landscape of Web Accessibility (Educause)

Jan 9.  Behave Like a Startup: Adapting Your Organization to Rapid Change (NISO)  $

Jan 10.  Transforming Communities through Apps: Part 2 (TechSoup)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
10 events in Dec and Jan.  Click the link if interested.

Dec 12.  Basic Graphic Design for Library Staff
Jan 8. Keeping Your Library Safe: Black Belt Librarians
Jan 13.   QR Codes: Bridging the Print-to-Digital Divide

School Library Journal
Dec 4.  Comic Books, Graphic Novels & Literacy
Dec 6.  Lerner Publishing: Spring 2013 Preview

Dec 6.  Outreach Programs in Rural Communities
Dec 12.  Disney Institute: Quality Customer Service for Libraries
Jan 15.  The Impact of an Ice Cream Sundae
Jan 23.  Creating a Culture of Innovation

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beyond SpringShare & LibGuides

Friday, December 7, 2012, 10:00am EST.

Sponsored by the Florida Library Association. 

LibGuides have become a hot word in the LIS field with more and more libraries exploring the versatility of this fairly inexpensive product. At Daytona State College, we’re working on creating aesthetically pleasing, informative, and interactive guides by using the tools provided by SpringShare, as well as additional free/cheap web based technologies. 

Examples of some of these tools include: BeeTagg, Gimp, Google Apps, Jing, Poll Everywhere, Pinterest, Popplet, Prezi, SlideShare, Survey Monkey, QR codes, and YouTube. Cheryl Kohen, Emerging Technology Librarian at Daytona State College will briefly demo all of these tools and discuss how they can be effectively utilized in LibGuides.

For More Information

Monday, October 29, 2012

Live Webinars for November 2012

November webinars. Go learn stuff!

Nov 1.  ALMA:  Harnessing the Power of Unified Resource Management (Library Journal)

Nov 1.  Getting Started with Windows 8 (O'Reilly)

Nov 2.  Harnessing the Power of Multimedia for More Effective Teaching (eSchoolNews)

Nov 6.  Cool New Productivity Tech Tools (InSync Training)

Nov 13.  ADA Case Law Update (ADA Online)

Nov 14.  RDA:  Are We There Yet?  (Georgia Library Association)

Nov 14.  Beyond Publish or Perish:  Alternative Metrics for Scholarship (NISO)  $

Nov 19.  Introducing the Learning Space Toolkit (Educause)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
11 events in November.  Click the link if interested.

Nov 6. New Nonfiction for Students
Nov 8. New Common Core Connections
Nov 13. Author Interview:  Patrick Ness

Nov 14.Communicating through Infographics

Nov 15. Text a Librarian:  Ideas for Best Practices

Nebraska Library Commission
Nov 7. The History and Importance of Youth Series Books
Nov 14.  Video Book Talks:  From Script to Screen

School Library Journal
Nov 7. Author Interview:  Lois Lowry
Nov 20.  Common Core - Part 2:  Librarians, The Secret Weapon

Nov 6.  The Power of Image:  Presenting with the Brain in Mind
Nov 14.  Raise Awareness and Build Support for Library Services

Wild Apricot
Nov 7.  Social Media Staffing, Culture and Policies
Nov 15.  Measuring Success:  Assess Your Volunteer Program
Nov 27.  Google Analytics for the Enthusiastic Beginner
Nov 28.  Create your 2013 Fundraising Plan

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Value of Usability Testing

Wednesday, October 24, 2:00pm EST. ($) 

Sponsor: The Florida & Caribbean Chapter of the Special Libraries Association

Learn the basic principles of usability testing and how they can be incorporated into a user-centered design process that improves the quality of your site or product. This overview will cover developing, conducting, and reporting findings from a small usability test; and will illustrate why a small test can make a big difference to your users. Our speaker is Brian Arsenault, currently Senior Web Application Engineer at the Florida State University Center for Information Management & Educational Services and coordinates on-site and remote usability testing for CIMES. Mr. Arsenault earned his MS in Library and Information Studies from FSU in 2000. 

Registration fees (pay with PayPal) 
Florida & Caribbean Chapter members: $10 
Other SLA members: $15 
Non-members: $20


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Makerspaces and Public Libraries

Monday, October 15.  2:00pm EST.  (ALA TechSource)

Makerspaces are taking hold in the library world and they are spreading quickly, popping up in libraries of all types and sizes. Makerspaces give people a place to pursue their own interests in building things, using tools (physical or virtual) and connecting with one another. Libraries have expanded on traditional library services to provide DIY/craft/make services, setting up spaces within their buildings and within their communities that allow people to do anything from building model airplanes to 3-D printing to self-publishing novels.

Learn what makerspaces are and how they work from librarians who are on the cutting edge of this movement by attending our upcoming series of free webinars. Each webinar will feature a panel of staff, administration, and patrons from one of the libraries that have implemented a makerspace. They’ll talk about how their makerspace concept began, how it was designed and how it was implemented. You’ll learn about the maker movement in general, the role libraries are playing specifically, and get ideas about how you can get involved and start a makerspace in your library!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Mental Health First Aid USA for Library Staff

October 09, 2012, 3:00pm EST.  (Sponsored by ALA)

The in-person Mental Health First Aid course has been taught to library staff around the country, teaching how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness, provide support, deescalate crisis, and if appropriate, refer individuals to services. This highly interactive program employs scenarios and activities to show how to respond in a variety of situations. In this webinar we will briefly outline the history, mission, and pedagogy of the course, then focus on the specific areas of anxiety disorders and psychosis. Library staff who participate in this webinar will learn some practical skills they can take back to their site or organization.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Live Webinars for October 2012

October webinars. Go learn stuff!

Oct 9.  Graphic Novels (Library Journal)

Oct 31.  8+ Features You Will Love in Windows 8 (O'Reilly)

Send me links to future webinars if you'd like to see more here.

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
15 events in October.  Click the link if interested.

Oct 2.  What's New in Series Nonfiction: Fall 2012
Oct 9.  New Cookbooks
Oct 11.  Getting Kids Hooked on Books
Oct 16.  Common Core and More: Surprising Reasons to go Graphic 


Oct 3.  What's New for Storytimes
Oct 4.  Legal Research Resources: Public Library
Oct 9.  Personal Gadgets and the Library
Oct 10.  Telling Your Story: Five Secrets for Successful Career Growth

Nebraska Library Commission
Oct 10.  Health Information for your Community
Oct 24.  Your Government Online: Independent Federal Government Agencies
Oct 31.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

School Library Journal
Oct 4. Getting Boys to Read
Oct 16. Fall Books for Kids
Oct 18.  Part 1 on Common Core: Getting Real

Oct 16.  Incubate Leadership @ Your Library 
Oct 25.  Community Technology Adoption

Wild Apricot
Oct 3.  How to Overcome your Board's Fear of Fundraising
Oct 4.  e-Strategy for your Nonprofit
Oct 10.  Growing your Nonprofit List
Oct 11.  Raise Money Without Asking

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Live Webinars for September 2012

September webinars. Go learn stuff!

Featured Event!  eBook Online Conference  (SEFLIN)
Date:  September 21, 2012.  Time:  10:00am - 3:00pm EST.
Cost:  Free for Florida Library Staff.  $25 for non-Florida Library Staff.

Sept 10.  The Six Dimensions of Next Generation Learning (Educause)

Sept 19.  23 Things: The Next Generation (Georgia Library Association)

Sept 19.  Creating a Personal Learning Network for Librarians (Georgia Library Association)

Sept 24.  Designing Mobile Learning Experiences for Higher Education (Educause)
Sept 24.  Homebound Eduation Online Learning (eSchoolNews)

Sept 25.  Brain Bandwidth: Reducing Cognitive Load (InSync Training)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
8 events in September.  Click the link if interested.

Sept 6. Youth Announcements: Fall Into Reading
Sept 11.  Keeping Romance Fresh: Debut Authors & New Trends

Sept 6.  Successful Librarians Share Their Stories of Career Growth and Advancement
Sept 13.  Teens, Tweens, and Social Networking 

Sept 5.  Taking Floating Collections to the Next Level: CollectionHQ
Sept 6. A Tour of Two New LJ Landmark Libraries
Sept 20.  Weeding Your Library Collection with Bowker

Nebraska Library Commission
Sept 5.  Letting the Patrons Drive
Sept 12.  RDA: Are We There Yet?
Sept 19.  Your Government Online: White House, Legislative and Judicial Branches
Sept 26.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

Sept 6.  Engaging Your Whole Community: Principles and Practice to Influence Policy
Sept 11.  Best Small Library in America 2012

Wild Apricot
Sept 5.  Mission Critical: Video Checklist
Sept 6.  Making Volunteer Engagement Everyone's Job 
Sept 12.  Understanding Power Dynamics at Work
Sept 13.  An Introduction to Nonprofit Silent Auctions

Monday, August 20, 2012

Six Sigma and Libraries

What's in your tool belt? How Six Sigma fits with Libraries

Thursday, August 23, 2:00pm EST.
Join Michael Kucsak, Six Sigma blackbelt, for a visual tour of how six sigma can help librarians no matter where they work or the size of their library. He will show some basic tools with which libraries can streamline their processed and generate lasting improvements. 

Free webinar sponsored by the Florida and Caribbean Chapter of SLA.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

eBook Online Conference

Join us for an exciting one-day online conference as five nationally- and internationally-known speakers discuss wide-ranging aspects of the growing impact of eBooks on libraries. Brought to you by the Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN).

Date:  September 21, 2012.  Time:  10:00am - 3:00pm EST.

Cost:  Free for Florida Library Staff.  $25 for non-Florida Library Staff.


10 AM
Frankenbooks and the Future of eBooks: An Ongoing Challenge
Stephen Abram

11 AM
Getting the Most from Your eBook Readers: Tips and Tricks
Chad Mairn

12 Noon
eTextbooks: The Shift to Digital — New Models for Course Distribution
Nik Osborne, J.D.

1 PM
Lunch Break     

2 PM
Swimming Upstream: Collection Development Issues and eContent
Jamie LaRue

3 PM
Ebook Licensing and Access — Now and the Future
Sue Polanka
This session will analyze the barriers to eBook lending models currently available for libraries.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google Indoor Maps

For Florida Library Staff Only 

Google Indoor Maps for Public Libraries (Live Online)
Presented by the Florida Library Association

Date:     Tuesday, August 21
Time:    1:00  – 1:45 pm EST

In November 2011, Google launched Indoor Maps, an exciting addition to the award-winning Google Maps. Indoor Google Maps will enhance your building's overhead or satellite view by replacing that with a floor plan of your building's public areas. This innovation helps visitors find their destination in large or unfamiliar spaces. The process to get involved is simple and unobtrusive. As Indoor Maps is a relatively new feature of Google Maps, your floor plans will be dramatically featured to mobile users of Google Maps at no cost.
This webinar covers a comprehensive review of Indoor Google Maps and explains why libraries are participating. Attendees have the opportunity to learn about an innovative step in digital mapping and ask in-depth questions following the presentation. 

Topics covered:
  • What Can Indoor Google Maps Do For You?
  • Project Basics
    • Creating Indoor Google Maps
    • Keys To A Good Map/Uploading
    • Public Vs. Private Areas
    • Maintaining Maps
    • How To Get My Location On Your Maps
    • Once You Are Live...
    • Product Roadmap
  • Examples
  • Questions
Learn more:
Presented by:   Vani Patel, Business Development Specialist, Google Maps
Cost:      Free
Florida Library Staff Only Register here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Live Webinars for August 2012

August webinars. Go learn stuff!

July 31.  Wikipedia and Libraries: What's the Connection? (OCLC)

July 31.  Managing Special Collections (Library Journal)

Aug 6.  A Trajectory for Mobile Learning (Educause) 

Aug 8.  Mobile Access to E-Resources (NISO)  $

Aug 9.  A Celebration of Young Adult Books (SLJ)

Aug 16.  The Influential Trainer (InSync Training)

Aug 29.  Implement Tablets to Deliver Data-Driven Instruction (eSchoolNews)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $

6 events in August.  Click the link if interested. 

Aug 14. YA Fall Preview
Aug 21.  Back to School with Graphic Novels

Aug 7.  Census Data: Novice to Data Miner
Aug 9.  Writing for the Web
Aug 14.  Developing Your Plan for Successful Career Growth
Aug 15.  Organizational Storytelling for Librarians

Nebraska Library Commission
Aug 1.  Tech Rodeo Round-Up
Aug 8.   Library Box: A Mobile DIY Library
Aug 15.  Renew Yourself, Your Library, Your Career
Aug 22.  Gov Online: The Executive Branch

Aug 2.  Librarians are Wikipedians Too
Aug 23.  Tell the Library Story

Aug 2.  Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions
Aug 7.  Google Apps for Nonprofits 
Aug 15. Social Media for Nonprofit Events 
Aug 22.  E-Strategy for your Nonprofit

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Live Webinars for July 2012

July webinars. Go learn stuff!

July 9.  Using Design Research to Support Learning (Educause)

July 12.  Best Practices in Policies and Procedures Documentation (Adobe)

July 12.  Web Design for Mobile First (O'Reilly)

July 18.  Emerging Technologies: Tips and Strategies for Libraries (GLA)

July 18.  Designing Vibrant Libraries (GLA)

July 18 & 19.  2012 ALA Virtual Conference (ALA)  $

July 31.  Managing Special Collections (Library Journal)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $

7 events in July.  Click the link if interested.

July 10. Nancy Pearl present Book Lust Rediscoveries
July 12.  Book Battle 2: New Book Recommendations

July 10. New Skills: The Key to Career Growth and Advancement
July 12. Fine-Tuning Facebook for Libraries
July 18.  Hack Your Career: Dream Job

Nebraska Library Commission
July 3.  Digital Humanities and the Library
July 11.  Scholarship Student Conference Attendee Report 
July 18. Library in a Dash
July 25.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

July 11. Grant Writing for Libraries Serving Children 
July 25. Bridging the Digital Divide with Mobile Services

July 11.  Structuring Effective Meetings in Contentious Settings
July 18.  Organizational Drama: Leadership Perspective on Conflict 
July 19.  The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit
July 26.  Single Days of Service: Make It Work

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No live webinar list for June 2012

I am sorry to report that there will be no list this month. Personal and professional events have me putting all my effort in those areas. I'll work to be back next month, and beyond. -- Brad

Monday, May 7, 2012

Discovery Tool Implementation and Selection

May 15-16, 2012

Please join us for an e-forum discussion. It’s free and open to everyone! Registration information is at the end of the message.

Each day, sessions begin and end at: 10am – 6pm EST

The discovery interface market is exploding, with current products including EBSCO Discovery Service, Serials Solutions Summon, Ex Libris Primo Central, OCLC WorldCat Local, Blacklight, VuFind, Aquabrowser, and more. These tools (both vendor-supplied and open-source) promise faceted browsing as well as ability to integrate multiple content silos; some come with vendor-provided cloud indexes to articles, e-books, and other electronic content. The newest development is a cloud-based back end designed to replace the ILS, including OCLC’s WorldShare, Serials Solutions Intota, and Ex Libris Alma. In today’s world, tools differ not just in the quality of features provided, but in overarching functionality provided and in scope of coverage. The e-forum will address factors to consider when selecting a tool, strategies for evaluating tools, and keys to successful implementation.

*What is an e-forum?*
An ALCTS e-forum provides an opportunity for librarians to discuss matters of interest, led by a moderator, through the e-forum discussion list. The e-forum discussion list works like an email listserv: register your email address with the list, and then you will receive messages and communicate with other participants through an email discussion. Most e-forums last two to three days. Registration is necessary to participate, but it's free. See a list of upcoming e-forums at:

*To register:*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Engaging Communities through Controversy

Join a conversation on “Engaging Communities through Controversy” at a free webinar from 2pm - 3 pm EDT on Thursday, May 10, 2012, part of ALA President Molly Raphael’s Empowering Voices, Transforming Communities initiative. 

Diane McNutt and Jane Light, Silicon Valley Reads, will describe this library’s "one book-one community" program in Santa Clara (Calif.) County. Its 2012 program, "Muslim and American -Two Perspectives," featured two books written by American Muslims, ("The Muslim Next Door" by Sumbul Ali-Karamali and "The Butterfly Mosque" by G. Willow Wilson). More than 100 programs were presented, including author readings, panel discussions, films, an open house evening at a local mosque and an art exhibit. Presented by the San Jose Public Library Foundation, the Santa Clara County Office of Education and the Santa Clara County Library, the goal is to stimulate learning and discussion throughout the community on a topic or theme of importance to the Silicon Valley. 

June Pinnell-Stephens, retired collection services manager, Fairbanks (Alaska) North Star Borough Public Library, will share success stories on how to get your community to “stop shouting and start talking” about intellectual freedom issues. Jos N. Holman, member of the ALA President Molly Raphael’s Empowering Voices, Transforming Communities committee and county librarian, Tippecanoe County Public Library, will lead the webinar. 

This webinar is part of a series of Empowering Voices, Transforming Communities webinars that showcase how libraries around the country are engaging communities. It is cosponsored by the ALA Committee Library Advocacy and the ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom. More information is available at

For registration Visit to sign up today.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Live Webinars for May 2012

May webinars. Go learn stuff!

May 3.  The Flipped Classroom: Turning Learning on its Head (eSchool News)

May 8.  Lerner Fall 2012 Preview (School Library Journal)

May 16.  QR Codes in Libraries (GLA)

May 16.  Content Management Systems: Drupal (GLA)

May 16.  Involving Users in eBook Acquisition and Sharing (NISO)  $

May 23. HTML5 and Mobile eLearning (Adobe)

May 23.  Leading from any Chair in the Organization (Webex)

May 23.  Ensuring the Preservation of eBooks (NISO)  $

May 24.  Using Link Resolvers to Speed Processing (OCLC)

May 24.  Pinterest for Librarians (Texas State Library)

May 30.  PowerPoint: What's the Point? (InSync)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
17 events in May.  Click the link if interested. 

May 1. Helping Youth Nonfiction Circulate
May 3.  Curriculum Connection

Library Journal
May 9. Rediscover the Nineteenth Century
May 10. Christian Fiction Spring Book Buzz
May 15. eBooks: A Discussion of Emerging Options
May 17. Creating a LibraryAware Community
May 22.  Reference: Marketing What You Bought

Nebraska Library Commission
May 2. NLM Digital Resources
May 9.  Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations
May 16.  Searching the 1940 Census
May 30.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

May 16.  Libraries and the Era of the Learner
May 30.  Understanding Compassion Fatigue in your Library

May 2.  Building Real Teams: A Leadership Perspective
May 3.  The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit 
May 10.  Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook 
May 16.  Social Media Strategies for Volunteer Engagement

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Preserving Your Personal Digital Photographs

April 26, 2012. 2-3pm Eastern time. 

Sponsor:  ALCTS

Description: Digital photos are fragile and require special care to keep them accessible. But preserving any kind of digital information is a new concept that most people have little experience with. Technologies change over time and become obsolete, making it difficult to access older digital photos. And since digital photography results in immediate personal memories, we take and collect an enormous amount of photos. But as our personal collections grow, it becomes more and more difficult to save those photos and to find specific photos. If your digital photos are difficult for you to manage, how will your loved ones be able to make sense of them in the future? Learn about the nature of the problem and hear about some simple, practical tips and tools to help you keep your digital photos safe. 

Learning Outcomes: 
1. the nature of the problem 
2. simple practical tips to describe and save digital photos 
3. tools that can be used 

Audience: Anyone with an interest in preserving personal digital photos and other digital information. 

Presenter: Bill LeFurgy, Digital Initiatives Manager, has worked for the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress since June 2002. He leads the NDIIPP Communications Team, which interacts with a broad range of people interested in preserving access to digital information. In former lives, LeFurgy dealt with electronic records at the National Archives and Records Administration and served as Baltimore City Archivist and Records Management Officer.

Free but registration is required. This session is available at no cost as part of Preservation Week 2012. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Libraries for Sustainability series

Please join us for the second webinar for the Libraries for Sustainability Webinar Series 2012: Exploring Sustainability Practices in Libraries

April 24, 2012, 2:00-3:00pm (EST) 

There are different types of sustainability practices in libraries (e.g. buildings, collection development, instruction, events, collaboration) and many of us are working, educating, and practicing in these areas. Join us for the second webinar in the Libraries for Sustainability series to learn about and share sustainable practices in academic, public and school libraries. 

This webinar will be similar to a lightning round-up as librarians engaged in different types of sustainability efforts share with you their experiences and provide time for questions. The session will be recorded so you can view it later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Live Webinars for April 2012

April webinars. Go learn stuff!

Apr 2.  Teacher + Librarian: Create a Culture of Reading (TL Virtual Cafe)

Apr 4 & 11.  eBook: Purchasing and Lending eBook Readers (ALA TechSource)  $

Apr 4.  Accessibility and Usability at MIT  (Educause)

Apr. 4  Tips & Tricks for Office 2010: Introduction (New Horizons)

Apr 4.  The Flipped Classroom Model (eSchool News)

Apr 10.  Every Community Online Computer Training (Texas State Library)

Apr 11.  What to Expect When Expecting a Platform Change (NISO)  $

Apr 11.  Support Students Instead of Devices (eSchool News)

Apr 11.  Tips & Tricks for Office 2010: Intermediate (New Horizons) 

Apr 17.  Open Dialogue with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (ADA Online)

Apr 18.  Quickbooks Made Easy for Nonprofits and Libraries (TechSoup)

May 1.  Rick Riordan and The Serpent's Shadow (School Library Journal)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
15 events in April.  Click the link if interested. 

Apr 3. Great New Books for Boys
Apr 10. What's New with Graphic Novels
Apr 24.  Hot Mysteries for Springs

Apr 17.  Healing Reads: Bibliotherapy for the 21st Century
Apr 24.  Leveraging Technology to Support Early Literacy
Apr 26.  Teen Literature Update 2012

Library Journal
Apr 10.  Spring Adult Book Buzz
Apr 24.  Cook Book Spring Buzz

Nebraska Library Commission
Apr 4. Summer Reading Program 2012
Apr 11. Library Snapshot Day
Apr 25.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

Apr 4. Skills for the Everyday Leader
Apr 10.  Virtual Connections with Your Patrons

Apr 3. Utilizing the Power of Mobile Technologies
Apr 4.  How to Approach a Foundation
Apr 5. Social Media and Volunteer Engagement
Apr 26. Engaging Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteers

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Rise of Bid Data in Higher Ed

Thursday, March 21, 1:00pm EDT.

Sponsor: Educause

“Big data” is the fine-grained information about customer experiences, organizational processes, and emergent trends generated as customers conduct normal business. The organization of this data serves as a rich source of business analysis to improve performance and even point to new opportunities. The era of big data has arrived in higher education as IT becomes increasingly embedded in the processes that comprise “going to college,” such as course enrollment, classroom instruction, and student services. Of equal value, data about student journeys, successes, and failures can be captured to improve both individual and collective outcomes across all of higher education when provided back to students in useful ways.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Avoiding the Idea Graveyard

SLA webinar led by Meredith Farkas

Wednesday 3/21/2012, 3:00pm EDT.

Meredith Farkas is the Head of Instructional Services at Portland
State University and a lecturer at San Jose State University's School
of Library and Information Science. She is the author of the book
"Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication
and Community Online" (Information Today, 2007) and writes the monthly
column "Technology in Practice" for American Libraries. Meredith was
honored in 2008 and 2011 with the WISE Excellence in Online Education
Award and in 2009 with the LITA/Library Hi Tech award for Outstanding
Communication in Library and Information Technology.

To learn more about Meredith go to:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Live Webinars for March 2012

March webinars. Go learn stuff!

Mar 1.  Building a Bomb Proof Backup Strategy (O'Reilly)

Mar 5.  Gaming @ Your Library (TL Virtual Cafe)

Mar 5.  The Horizon Report in Action: Emerging Technologies (Educause)

Mar 9.  Social Metadata for Libraries, Archives, and Museums (OCLC)

Mar 13.  Social Media for Trainers (InSync)

Mar 14 & 21.  eBooks: Standards for Formatting and Metadata (NISO)  $

Mar 20.  The Scoop on Series Nonfiction (Booklist)

Mar 28.  Improving the User Experience Through Usability Testing (GLA)

Mar 28.  Content Creation for Teens (GLA)

Mar 29.  Unraveling the Mobile Web (O'Reilly)

Mar 30.  Integrated Services Points/Information Commons (SWFLN)

Apr 4 & 11.  eBook: Purchasing and Lending eBook Readers (ALA TechSource)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
Almost twenty events in March.  Click the link if interested.

Mar 1.  Engaging Volunteers During Difficult Economic Times
Mar 8.  Corporate Fundraising for Children's Programming
Mar 20. Digital Preservation: Audio and Video Formats
Mar 21. New and Emerging Trends in Customer Service
Mar 28. Outreach to Hispanic/Latino Populations

Mar 6. Directors' Summit: Community Outcomes
Mar 22.  Spring Mystery Announcements

Mar 7. American FactFinder
Mar 28.  Reflections on PLA 2012

Mar 2.  Tech Tools: Prezi
Mar 9.  Tech Tools: YouTube
Mar 23.  Tech Tools: LibraryThing

Mar 6. It Takes a Community to Bridge the Digital Divide
Mar 27.  Adult Programs on a $0 Budget

Mar 5.  Make Your Grant Proposal Stand Out from the Pack
Mar 7.  Create a Practical Marketing Roadmap
Mar 8.  10 Mistakes Nonprofits make in Social Media
Mar 21.  Collaborating with Partners on Joint Grants

Friday, February 24, 2012

Archived Webinar: Your Library at Webscale

Your library at Webscale: How radical collaboration is redefining library management services

Sponsored by: OCLC and Library Journal.  Aired February 21, 2012.
The library community has indicated that traditional management systems lack the flexibility and connectivity to meet the changing needs of their users. And while demand for library services has never been higher, new collaborative and innovative solutions are needed now more than ever.

As the first cooperative management services for libraries, OCLC WorldShare™ Management Services provide all the applications for cataloging, acquisitions, license management and circulation, and a next-gen discovery experience for library users. This newly architected and streamlined approach frees resources to focus on higher priority projects. WorldShare Management Services are built on the new OCLC WorldShare™ Platform—the vehicle for big library collaboration.

Join Marshall Breeding, Vanderbilt University Libraries; Gregg A. Silvis, University of Delaware Libraries; and Andrew K. Pace, OCLC, as they share perspectives on the current and future state of library management services.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ask the Advocate

“Ask the Advocate” webinar provides opportunity to talk to ALA experts and learn about ALA advocacy resources.

Wednesday, February 29, from 2-3pm EST.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions pertaining to advocacy issues at their library, as well as learn who resources are available to help make the case for libraries.

Patricia Tumulty, Chair, ALA’s Committee on Library Advocacy (COLA), and Marci Merola, Director, ALA’s Office for Library Advocacy (OLA) will take questions from attendees during this open forum style webinar and share their expertise on successful advocacy efforts. They will highlight ALA’s Advocacy University, which provides information, courses and tools to help library advocates make the case at the local level.

Visit to sign up today.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Strategic Downsizing

February 28, 3:00pm Eastern Time.

Some are born to downsize, some achieve downsizing, and some have downsizing thrust upon them. Let’s face it: in today’s economic and governmental climate, library decision makers are more likely to be reducing their organizations than increasing them. Downsizing is never fun, but it can be done in a way that leaves the library less damaged, and in a better position to recover as times improve.

Join library consultants George Needham and Joan Frye Williams as they offer practical advice about how to downsize strategically, making the best of bad circumstances in a positive, active way. Join them as they discuss how to stop trying to do more with less and start doing differently by:
  • Shifting the focus from cutbacks to outcomes
  • Leveraging existing assets
  • Realigning operations with community priorities
  • Engaging the staff and Board in planning and implementation
  • Retiring services that are no longer sustainable
  • Communicating effectively and supporting staff throughout the transition
Even if you’re not downsizing right now, it pays to be prepared. The ideas in this webinar can help you make your organization more flexible and resilient, and strengthen your confidence in the tough decisions you are called upon to make.

This webinar will be of interest to library trustees and commissioners, library directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and others who are engaged in setting priorities for their organizations or work groups.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Turning the Page 2.0

Invest In Your Library's Future

Turning the Page 2.0 is a FREE library advocacy training course developed and presented by the Public Library Association (PLA) with generous support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In this six-week, facilitated online course, library staff and supporters will learn how to create and tell their library's story, deliver effective presentations, develop a compelling case for support, and build and sustain partnerships along the way.

Participants are encouraged to come with a specific, self-determined advocacy goal for their library. At the end of six weeks, you’ll have a complete Advocacy Work Plan to guide your efforts.

Turning the Page 2.0 consists of the following components:
  • In-person kick-off (optional)
  • Facilitator-led virtual classroom sessions (1 hour each week for 6 weeks)
  • Independent work on Turning the Page online modules (about 1 hour each week)
  • Online community for discussion (optional)
  • Completion of an Advocacy Work Plan (about 1 hour each week)
  • One-on-one feedback from professional facilitators (free consultancy)
Previous participants have told PLA that they spend on average three hours per week (18 hours total) on this course. ALA membership is not required to participate.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WorldCat Resource Sharing: FirstSearch Admin Module

Join OCLC and Tina Baich, Assistant Librarian from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUP) for an overview of resource sharing settings in the OCLC FirstSearch Administration Module. Use FirstSearch Administration to create and modify Constant Data, Direct Request Profiles and Custom Holdings. This refresher on your library’s administration settings will help you prepare you for your upcoming transition to the new WorldShare Interlibrary Loan service, due for initial release later this year.

Date: Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time: 12:00 p.m. (noon) Eastern Time


Friday, January 27, 2012

Live Webinars for February 2012

February webinars. Go learn stuff!

Feb 1.  Composition and Layout of PowerPoint in Online Learning (Adobe)

Feb 3.  Take Control of iCloud (O'Reilly)

Feb 8.  Real Life Examples of Library Cloud Implementation (NISO)  $

Feb 9.  Building a Successful Online Learning Community for Librarians: A Conversation with Steve Hargadon (Blended Librarian)

Feb 9.  Nonfiction Spring Book Buzz (School Library Journal)

Feb 14.  Teen Spring Book Buzz (School Library Journal)

Feb 15.  Composition and Layout of Photoshop in Online Learning (Adobe)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
Over a dozen events in February.  Click the link if interested.

Jan 31. Connecting with Struggling Readers
Feb 7. What's New in Y.A
Feb 21. Books for Youth Alert

Feb 2. Children's Literature Update
Feb 7. Storing and Managing Digital Collections
Feb 8. Youth Media Activities in Your Community: Teaching Digital Natives
Feb 14. Top Tech Trends in Materials Handling
Feb 16. Best Business Books of the Year
Feb 29.  Techsoup: Technology Resources and Donated Software

Feb 15.  Meet the Power Patron
Feb 16.  Building a Library Aware Community
Feb 21.  Your Library at Webscale
Feb 23.  Census 2010 and American Community Survey
Feb 24. Directors' Summit

Feb 1.  SOPA and PIPA: What Libraries Need to Know
Feb 8.  AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner
Feb 15.  Turning Your Library Around
Feb 22.  Learning to Live without a Statistical Abstract
Feb 29.  Tech Talk with Michael Sauers

Feb 3.  Tech Tools: Dropbox
Feb 9.  App Development:  The Why and How
Feb 10. Tech Tools:  Shelfari and GoodReads
Feb 16.  Libraries as Content Collaborators
Feb 21.  The Accidental Library Marketer
Feb 28.  Writing Good Press Releases and Working with the Media

Jan 31. Developing and Maintaining E-Reader Policies and Procedures
Feb 2.  Building Bridges #4: Your Library's Future
Feb 9.  Cloud Computing 101
Feb 23.  Twitter for Job Seekers:  Helping Job Seeking Patrons

Feb 1.  Make Your Grant Proposal Stand Out from the Pack
Feb 9.  Creating an Effective Volunteer Handbook
Feb 17.  Investing in Infrastructure
Feb 22.  Advisory Boards

Friday, January 6, 2012

Handheld Librarian VI

FEBRUARY 1-2, 2012

Join us once again for what will be an intense online professional development opportunity for librarians who love technology!

Mobile solutions for libraries that work!

We invite you to the 6th Handheld Librarian conference, a place where interested librarians bring their tools and strategies to the learning scene. The conference will feature professional development for librarians by librarians. This is the grass-roots nature of our highly successful program. Handheld Librarian VI will build on the success of prior conferences in which an array of presenters share their experiences and insights on topics addressing themes such as ebooks, location-based social networking, lending devices, reference and mobile technologies impacting society. You can see the quality of the content by looking through our past archives.
Our exciting one day conference, February 1, will feature presentations from your peers, along with two keynotes from respected thought leaders in the library world.

Michael Stephens, Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Science at San Jose State University, will address the conference in the morning. His research focuses on use of emerging technologies in libraries and technology learning programs. He currently writes the monthly column “Office Hours” in Library Journal exploring issues, ideas and emerging trends in library and information science education. Stephens has spoken about emerging technologies, innovation, and libraries to audiences in over 26 states and in five countries, including a 2009 speaking/research tour of Australia.

Our afternoon keynote features Stephen Abram. Stephen has over 30 years in libraries as a practicing librarian and in the information industry. He has visited hundreds of libraries in many different countries and is uniquely positioned to spark ideas and insights. Stephen is currently Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Markets at Gale Cengage in Toronto, Canada. He has been Vice President Innovation for SirsiDynix and the Chief Strategist for the SirsiDynix Institute, VP of Corporate Development for Micromedia ProQuest, and Publisher Electronic Information for Thompson

New* Post-Conference Skill Builders Workshops – Two additional opportunities!

New this year, a post conference experience focused on giving participants explicit hands on skills through extended workshops. For a nominal fee, participants can register for the following two-hour synchronous workshops on February 2.
• Broad mobile development, including jQuery
• Empowering your E-readers; teaching your readers to access content
Each workshop will not only provide a conceptual framework, but will ask the participants to try their hands at either developing or implementing specific strategies. After the workshop, audience members will be provided with additional ongoing tutorials and access to the experts for mentoring.

Individual, group and site registration is open at

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WordPress and eBook Webinars

WordPress for Library Websites
Presented by Polly-Alida Farrington
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST


Does your organization need a new web site? One that is more dynamic, easy to update and can easily incorporate social media and other ways to communicate with your library’s patrons/customers? WordPress (free, opensource) may be the answer. WordPress is a powerful web Content Management System (CMS) that has grown far beyond its origins as a blogging tool.

WordPress can be used to power your library website and help you build a dynamic web presence for your library, school, personal web site, business or other project. Its ease of use and flexibility make it a perfect choice for libraries that are struggling to keep their websites up to date and/or looking for a more up-to-date look for their website. Its extensibility via plugins and other customizations make it a great choice for more complex sites as well.

This webinar will cover:

  • Examples of sites built with WordPress
  • Why WordPress is a great choice for schools & libraries
  • Hosting options and requirements
  • vs
  • Making it look great: Themes
  • Building blocks of WordPress: Posts & Pages
  • and more!

Ebooks, Discovery, and the Library
Presented by Kate Sheehan
Wednesday, January 18, 2012
3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. EST


Publishers, authors, booksellers, and librarians have traditionally thought of discovery as something that happens in a physical place. A patron browses the shelf, a librarian offers some reader's advisory, a new author is picked up from an artfully created display. Online discovery lags behind, despite Amazon's best efforts. People still pick books up based on word of mouth. Libraries, with entire sections of staff devoted to helping people pick out books, are word of mouth engines, but struggle to prove our worth to the rest of the book ecosystem. Ebooks make that even more difficult when the library as place is taken out of the equation. This session will explore some possibilities for libraries as channels of discovery in an ebook-dominated market.