Thursday, January 31, 2013

School Librarians and Technology Integration

The PALM Center of Florida State University invites you to a series of free webinars hosted by its Project Leadership in Action Participants. 

The Project Lead grant resulted in a three-year study of school librarians’ leadership in technology integration, which was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Media specialists in Florida who participated in the Project LEAD program while they were students at FSU will present the webinars. During these webinars they will discuss the results of their own action research projects in the school library involving technology integration practice. 

Please join us on Tuesday nights in February from 7pm-9pm for these free webinars. 

Feb.5: Positive Motivation Through Technology Presented by: Connie Hoffmann, School Librarian at McLaughlin Middle School & Fine Arts Academy in Lake Wales, FL 

Feb. 12: Chiefs & Indians: Reasons Cooperative Inquiry Did (& Didn’t) Work at My School Presented by: Joanna Tamplin, School Library Media Specialist at Hawks Rise Elementary School in Tallahassee, FL 

Feb. 19: Project Based Learning Presented by: Stacy Davis, School Librarian at Lake Alfred Elementary in Polk County, FL 

Feb. 26: The Parent Project - Failed Presented by: Pamela Monroe 

To join the webinars, simply log in to: 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live Webinars for February 2013

February webinars. Go learn stuff!

Feb 5.  Building Library Support Within Your Business Community (WSL)

Feb 5.  Jump Start your Grant Seeking (TechSoup)

Feb 6.  Flexing Your Style (CSL)

Feb 12.  Digitization 101 (Libraries Thriving)

Feb 13.  Building a Research Commons in a University Library (GLA)

Feb 13.  Designing Interactive Library Spaces (GLA)

Feb 14.  U.S. Research Libraries:  Priorities, Trends and Directions (OCLC)
Free, public recording available in March at this link.

Feb 19.  YA Announcements: Spring Sneak Peek (Booklist)

Feb 20.  How Libraries are Implementing Emerging Technologies (NISO)
Day Long, Online Conference.  $

Feb 26.  Google Chromebooks and Apps for Education (eSchoolNews)

ALA (American Library Association)  All = $
9 events in February.  Click the link if interested.

Feb 7.  Finding Legal Forms in Public Libraries
Feb 13.  What Your Tech Wants You To Know

Nebraska Library Commission
Feb 6, 13 & Mar 6.  Digital Preservation:  Parts 1, 2 & 3
Feb 13.  Seed Saving for Public Libraries

Feb 7.  Self-Directed Achievement
Feb 13.  Evolving Needs of Patrons in the Digital Age
Feb 27.  The Future of Online Learning

Wild Apricot
Feb 5.  Results, Results, Results
Feb 6.  Collaboration:  What Works and Why
Feb 26.  Best Practices for Online Petitions
Feb 28.  Measuring Social Media Results

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Fiscal Cliff, Congress, and Libraries

January 17, 4:00pm EST.

Sponsored by:  ALA Washington Office

Pundits and politicians from both parties agree that while the 112th Congress may have averted an immediate plunge over the fiscal cliff through its New Years package of tax extenders and sequestration delays, this debate is nowhere near over.  That's where the 113th Congress comes in.  With almost 100 new members of the House and Senate, there are a lot of new faces to meet, greet and persuade on the value of libraries.   

Your voice is more important now than ever before.  Only you can help stop immediate and dramatic cuts to LSTA, IMLS and other critical funding programs.  Wait, federal funding isn't your main concern? How about averting changes to cybersecurity, copyright, broadband and elementary and secondary act policies that will negatively impact libraries around the country?    

In short, everyone in the library community should join us for an update on the fiscal cliff / sequestration situation as well as the policy issues most likely to be considered in the coming year.  Perhaps most important, we'll tell you how best to speak up -- and make a difference.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Evolving Uses for Library Space

Library as Place: Evolving uses for physical locations in light of the increasing availability of electronic resources 

Dates: January 14-15, 2013. 
Sponsored by: ALA ALCTS 

Please join us for an e-forum discussion. It’s free and open to everyone! 

Each day, sessions begin and end at: Eastern: 10am – 6pm 

Description: Formerly conceived as repositories of print collections, libraries of all sorts are now providing electronic access to a wide range of digital resources. The publishing industry is changing rapidly, making fewer print options available to store in library buildings. How will your organization or institution continue to provide value for customers using the library building? 

What changes are you making to physical spaces that make accessing resources easier for differently abled users? How are you determining when to reduce shelving for print collections? What alternative uses do you foresee for those former shelving spaces? 

Please join us for an exciting and informative e-forum on January 14 and 15, 2013, to discuss how libraries of all types are adjusting their physical locations in response to the changing information environment. This e-forum will provide participants an opportunity to talk about what their libraries are doing to adjust to thinking of the library as place with unlimited potential. Librarians and technical services staff from all types of libraries are invited to participate. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Landing Your Ideal Library Job

Thursday, January 10, 2pm EST.

Sponsored by:  ALA

Our host for this episode is going to be David Connolly, who manages the ALA Joblist site, a resource any job seeker should know. Our panel for this episode is also going to include Bohyun Kim, Digital Access Librarian at Florida International University Medical Library and Jill Klees, a Career Liason who works with the San Jose State University School of Library and Information Science. 

All you need to do to attend is visit this site.